Friday, April 28, 2006


Welcome to my Blog!

I have created this Blog as an addition to my Wildlife Art Website. The website exists as an online gallery to display my paintings. Over the years it has generated more and more requests from interested people who want to know all about how I work. Artists and art lovers write to me all the time, and I have come to realize that a website only showing the finished paintings is not sufficient for people who have a real interest in what I do. A blog seems like a great idea therefore, to enable me to answer the most frequently asked questions and to talk openly about my research trips, my inspiration, my techniques, the stories that lie behind the paintings and to offer any advice I can on becoming a successful Artist in todays world.

Please feel free to interact with me and I will endevour to address all questions as fully as I can. You may also like to visit my web site @


At 3:14 pm , Blogger Karin said...

You are a great artist and I feel very proud to have you in my life.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! :o))))

At 10:45 pm , Blogger steve said...

You're not an Aquarius!'re a Capricorn!!!! (arent you)

(Aquarius would make more sense)

a fish

At 3:52 pm , Blogger The Art of Scott D. Tillett said...

Hi Eric. I contacted you a few months ago to tell you that I added your website link to my art website. Glad to see you have a blog now. You are me and my families favorite wildlife artist. I'll be checking back here often. Continued Success.
Scott D. Tillett

At 12:42 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome work!!

At 8:13 pm , Anonymous Jasmine! (The Mavolous One) said...

WOW an elephant =]] Jasmine again

cool blog XD

At 9:46 pm , Blogger cookie said...

your talent is amazing!!!
a huge congrats to you & your
wife on the birth of a very
handsome lil man

At 10:40 pm , Anonymous Natou said...

Hello Eric,

I just saw your blog, now i am visiting your website.

So beautiful that i speak french.

Bravo! C'est tout simplement magnifique. Quelle précision et si réaliste!

What accuracy in the details. And so realistic!
I love wildlife drawings

I live in France. I myself am an artist.

My art blog is :

I like drawing with colored pencils.

Sorry for may bad english.


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