Monday, May 08, 2006

2 new paintings.

Good morning everyone,

Thank you all for taking the time time to read my blog and for your kind comments. I will continue writing about fur as soon as I can but in the meantime I thought I'd share some new paintings with you that I have just finished. I haven't used acrylics in years and thought I'd try some on canvas experimenting with the new range of gels you can get these days. The first is a tiger enjoying the sunshine and the second one is of a cheetah. (The cheetah image is cropped, i'll get a full size one soon.) I hope you like them!


At 4:06 pm , Blogger scottart said...

Excellent work Eric. Sometime in the future, would you show a dimenstration of how you create an oil painting? Again...great work and thanks for sharing.

At 12:11 pm , Anonymous Patrick said...

WOW, you are the best wildlife artist I have seen...and I have seen many!. You have an incredible talent to paint wild cats, you definately master it.
I would love to see your work here in Africa.
Looking forward new posts!

At 2:30 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your work . Its nice to see an artist as like yourself that can create a feeling, a mood and a expresion into its paintings . The animal world in thease days is not as fruitful as it was many years ago due to man . So its so nice for you to explore their lives , and to show the pubic just how beautiful they are . You work is just that ! so expresive . look forward to all your works .


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