Sunday, February 01, 2009

Developing an appreciation of great art.

Art is of great importance, both to individuals on a personal level and to society as a whole. Art is an uplifting and enduring statement of what human beings can do when they become inspired. It communicates it's message freely to anyone and at any time. I am awed and humbled by the great paintings of the past, they speak to us on so many levels not only about themselves, but also about the people who created them and the culture from which they came. They are proud monuments to civilization that challenge future generations to do better. I love these great paintings, done with such energy and on such a scale that they are truly breathtaking. As a painter I find them inspirational and challenging in equal measure.

I visited Manchester City Art gallery this week, as I do whenever I am in town and I heartily recommend it. I first visited the gallery as a child and fell under the spell of two paintings in particular, the first is the great Chariot Race by Alexander Wagner and the second is the awesome Victorian depiction of a Viking burial at sea. They speak to me today, just as they did when I first saw them, and keeping with family tradition, I decided to take my son along for an introduction to the world of truly inspiring art.

I think he got the message, on a subliminal level at least :)

For more information about Manchester city art gallery visit their website at:


At 11:08 am , Blogger Rahul Parekh said...

Dear Eric,

Remember me? What a lovely sight. You, your son & your love for art. Your son will definitely keep continue your family tradition, and he is very cute too :)

I wish he always be step ahead than you in his life and earn more reputation & success than you. Hope you don't mind... :)

Truly, all paintings are breath taking. Thanks for sharing...

with all best wishes,


At 11:09 pm , Blogger Eric Wilson said...

Thank you Rahul! It is good to hear from you again.


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