Sunday, February 17, 2008

My amazing creation.

No, not the polar bears, not quite yet. The large polar bear painting is almost complete, but I'm afraid I didn't quite manage to finish it before my other creative project came to fruition, the birth of my son Bjorn! Bjorn is an old norse name meaning 'bear' which seemed appropriate for my little cub, a beautiful boy born on 6th february. Karin and I are over the moon and I'm allowing myself this brief hiatus where I'm catching sleep whenever and wherever I can, enjoying and bonding with my beautiful little boy. A chip off the old block wouldn't you say!


At 3:25 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh contgratulations, Eric. He's so cute. I like the picture :D both sleeping :D

I wish you a lot of fun with your little son.

I'm sure he'll be a great painter soon :D (comparing his dad and his mum *laugh*)

Greetings from Germany


At 10:11 pm , Blogger Karin said...

Mi amor!!!! you are the best husband and the best dad in the whole world, I feel so proud of you and so so so IN LOVE!!!!!!
Karin :o))))

At 8:35 pm , Blogger José said...

Hi Eric,

Congratulations to both of you and that he may have a happy life with health and kindness toward others.
Now, if you make a painting of your son, don't make it with too much fur :-)

Take care,


At 4:21 am , Blogger Annie-Maree said...

Wow King Eric!!! you have your little prince... Such wonderful news... I am praying mum and bub and dad are all going well!!!
Annie... from Oz...

At 12:21 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robby Robinson would be thrilled to see Bjorn's double bicep pose ! ha......

Great photos, hope your enjoying every minute - they grow up so quickly as you know - Tomas will be 4 this April!!!!


At 3:51 am , Blogger Catbus said...

Hello Eric! Look what I have come across! How wonderful for you to share these precious times! Bjorn is absolutely precious! Love, Peace, & Happiness Always to your wonderful family!

At 8:35 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Eric and Karin - you have been busy! Congratulations on the birth of Bjorn. Ian and I wish you and your family much joy and happiness! Love Sheila and Ian, Coventry.

At 3:41 am , Blogger Sandpiper said...

Oh, I'm love!!! What a precious baby!! I want one! Congratulations! How wonderful!!! I love these pictures.


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