Thursday, May 11, 2006

Do you own this picture?

( Click on image for a larger picture )

Good morning everyone!

Beautiful day here in England, blue skies, lovely and warm, and everything lush and vibrant green. Highly recommended.

Whilst working on some photographs for my pastels tutorial, I thought I would in the meantime ask a question myself! 'Do you own this picture?' or do you know the the person who owns it? or where it might be? I've heard lots of rumours, but I'd love to find out where it really is.

It's perhaps my grandest work to date, and it's always bothered me that I don't know where it is. Christies auctioned the painting in London several years ago and apart from saying it went to New York I cant get much further than that.

If it's yours I'd love to hear from you! ...and if it's not yours but you like it, I have some lovely canvas edition prints available....


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