Monday, June 01, 2009

Painting Robby Robinson.

Yesterday was an extraordinary day for me. I had the honour of meeting Robby Robinson, the legendary American Bodybuilder whose portrait I am to paint. Those who know me from days of old, from the days of grueling workouts 6 nights a week at the Cosmos Gym in Sale, will know how very special this was for me. In those days from the late 70's through the 80's Robby Robinson was a godlike figure whose life sized image adorned the gym walls along with the other great bodybuilders of the era, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbo and Frank Zane.

Robby is now 63 years old, and yet his physique remains a magnificent statement to the benefits of weight training, a disciplined lifestyle and a healthy diet. A lot of nonsense used to be said about bodybuilders, I heard a lot of it when I was training hard, that they would turn to fat when they got older etc. Take one look at Robby Robinson and there is your answer. 63 years of age with the body of an incredibly fit 20 year old.

If someone had whispered in my ear back then, that one day far in future I would be meeting Robby and painting his portrait, I would have fell off my seat, and yet here it is! Life is surreal and wonderful sometimes.

Robby was a true gentleman, generous and friendly, patiently holding poses for my camera. Thank you Robby and thank you Arden, our meeting was more special for me than you can imagine.

This ones for Bill, Paul, Rob Kelly, Gary Kenyon, Sami, Nige Fletcher, Gavin, the egg, and all the guys from those awesome never to be forgotten days at the Cosmos! I know you all fell of your chairs reading this!