Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pastel pictures.

I've had an extremely busy week trying to get a painting finished on time for an upcoming exhibition. I had intended to write more about my pastel techniques today, but with this deadline looming, I have to finish the painting first.

I am grateful to everyone who has written to me with your kind comments and I'm happy that this Blog is being appreciated. I'm asked if I have any more step by step guides to come, and the good news is that I have plenty, and as soon as time permits I shall be putting some on here in continuation of my pastels theme. I wouldn't like to rush it, so please bear with me.

In the meantime I'm adding these two pictures of my favourite leopard 'Bhagya'. I went out to Nepal to paint him and I thought it might be of interest to see the portrait as it looked on the first day of work, and then a few days later when I'd finished it.

You can read all about Bhagya on my dear friend Angie Schumachers website


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