Saturday, June 24, 2006

Final stages of the gorilla.

Three shots showing the final stages of the gorilla. I've included one of my pastel studio to show the layout of how I worked when doing this painting. You will notice that I took the gorilla to a level where I knew he was going to be a success, I then switched to the hard work of getting all the foliage correct, (including the butterflys that I photographed in Zaire precisely for such a painting), and then finished off the gorilla to complete the work.

This painting is now available as special limited edition print, if you're interested please click HERE to contact me.


At 11:59 pm , Blogger Karin said...

I have seen that original painting and is fantastic!. I love the gorilla's face and the butterflies that transport you to the hot jungle!

At 3:40 am , Blogger Cristina said...

Eric: ...Desde este lado del mundo y desde esta pequeña ciudad, no nos hemos cansado de deleitarnos con tu Gorila marvilloso, estamos impresionadísismos de verdad con tu trabajo, a veces parece que estuvieramos viendo uan fantasía... No sabes lo que nos gustaría ver algún día tus pinturas en vivo y en directo... Felicitaciones y mucha suerte.
Cristina y Raúl
La Serena, Chile


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