Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pastels continued...

Good evening all,

I think it's important sometimes, to cover the very basics first when it comes to talking about techniques. I was once taken to dinner by a fellow Artist and after discussing the techniques of painting fur in oils throughout the meal, he asked me to demonstrate my techniques at his easel. I agreed, but when I sat down at his easel and looked at his collection of brushes I realized to my horror, that I wouldn't be able to demonstrate anything with such a worn out horribly maintained collection of brushes as he had. The problem with his fur technique it seemed to me, started with his brushes and I advised him above all else, to get the right tools for the job!

The same could be said of pastels. I seldom have use for blunt rounded pastels. My techniques require a lot of sharpening and in a particular way. I have included a photo to demonstarate how I sharpen my pastel pencils not to a single point, but to a knife edge which is perfect for fine lines. I do the same with all my pastels, I'm not always using them for fine lines, but the chisel shape also helps lay down a controlled amount of pastel when you scrape it along the surface like a knife over butter. Without these clean sharp basics to work with, I'd feel like someone trying to mend a swiss watch with a spanner.


At 4:33 am , Blogger Mauro said...

Thanks for your words.

Your paintings about wildlife are really wonderful.

At 8:32 am , Blogger steve said...

What an enormous Blog you have! Very impressive (and professional)blog. I think you have taken the use of pastel as a medium to its technical limits within the gravitational pull of the earth. The work has life, vibrancy and an energy thats not quite as evident in oils or acrylics. Seems wasted on an animal that is just sat there looking at you.I think you could do some amazing works with action in mind. maybe you could indicate speed by smudging the pastel? (or you could have them sat around playing Poker or playing Pool - although, hasnt someone beaten you to that - with Bulldogs though, so you could still do it with cheetahs....although I dont suppose you want them playing games of any kind do you?)(cheeters..playing games..get it?)
No but seriously class.

At 8:35 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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