Friday, June 30, 2006

Seeing double.

Good evening all,

A few years ago, I did a series of underwater paintings in acrylics. I sold most of them before I managed to get them photographed which is a shame, but I've found in my archives these two paintings of Hawksbill turtles which I thought would make a nice colourful post on my blog.

There's a story behind these two actually, because originally they were part of the same painting. It was an oval picture of a reef with two hawksbills and I thought it was quite nice. Perhaps due to it's unusual shape though, I never sold it and it ended up stashed away in my attic until the day I decided to exhibit at the Florida Wildlife and Western Art Exposition.

I thought the subject was ideal for Florida, and when I heard they they were holding a miniature paintings section I made the bold decision to cut up the painting into two seperate paintings each containing a turtle.

I'm happy to say it did the trick! Both paintings sold at the exhibition. I never got to hear if the same person bought them both or if they ended up in two seperate homes. If anyone knows who has them please let me know!


At 12:42 pm , Blogger AnJaka said...

Great Work!!!
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